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Ruth Mendez, 30, a volunteer with the grassroots collective Detention Resistance, is moving among the asylum seekers getting information on who needs a night at a hotel or church or synagogue shelter before getting on a plane. Elouhhab and Ghiat spread the word among the Arabic speakers about the bus that’s taking folks to the airport. Mendez calls them her “compañeros”, or comrades. “They themselves tell other people who are waiting for their families – while they’re waiting for their families – ‘It’s going to be OK, we’re going to find your family.’ So it’s the solidarity we want to uplift … that we’re doing solidarity work, not charity.”

- The Guardian

October 19, 2023

"Detention Resistance entre otras organizaciones brindan los servicios. 'Nos estamos carga de batería a sus teléfonos, estamos dando Internet y está también dándose transporte al aeropuerto.' - Ruth Mendez, miembro de la colectiva, "Detention Resistance"

- Telemundo 20

6 de octubre, 2023

Ruth Mendez, a member of the Detention Resistance collective, said any additional funding is “super necessary.” “We could do a lot more and make sure we are welcoming people with the dignity they deserve.” - San Diego Union Tribune

October 10, 2023

After the rally, Liberation News spoke with Jess Whatcott, a member of the Free Them All coalition and Detention Resistance. Whatcott said that FTA was created in spring 2020 as a “rapid response to the historical medical neglect within detention centers and to get … people out of detention centers.” Whatcott also mentions some of FTA’s objectives: “FTA is interested in abolishing detention centers, deportation machines and opening the borders.”

- Liberation News

March 8, 2022

Unx miembro de OMDR le dice a Noticias Univision San Diego que CoreCivic no proporciona mascarillas a menos que nuestrxs compas firmen una exención de responsabilidad [8:40-10:19]

13 de abril, 2020

With their backs turned to the actual public health emergency inside the detention center, San Diego Sheriff's deputies issued citations at our COVID-safe car protest: San Diego Union-Tribune 

April 11, 2020

Nuestrxs compas encarceladxs en Otay Mesa nos dicen que el virus propaga muy facilmente: Univision

8 de abril, 2020

Nuestrxs compas empiezan una huelga de hambre a Otay Mesa para protestar las condiciones de detención durante la pandemia; apoyamos con una protesta afuera: La Opinión

7 de abril, 2020

Our friends imprisoned in Otay Mesa Detention Center begin hunger strike to protest unsafe conditions during the coronavirus pandemic: CBS 8 San Diego

April 4, 2020

Nuestrxs compas empiezan una huelga de hambre a Otay Mesa para protestar las condiciones de detención durante la pandemia; apoyamos con una protesta afuera: La Jornada

4 de abril, 2020

Huelgas de hambre a centros de detención en Tacoma y Otay Mesa; OMDR organiza una protesta sobre ruedas para exigir #LiberenATodxs: Radio Bilingüe

3 de abril, 2020

Friends trapped inside the detention center start hunger strike in protest of unsafe conditions during pandemic, provide recorded messages to OMDR: San Diego Union-Tribune

April 3, 2020

OMDR #FreeThemAll car rally: KPBS [start - 1:27]

April 1, 2020

Un empleado de CoreCivic dentro del centro de detención da positivo por el coronavirus; OMDR organiza una protesta sobre ruedas para exigir #LiberenATodxs: Univision SD

31 de marzo, 2020

First CoreCivic employee at Otay Mesa tests positive for the coronavirus on same day as OMDR car rally: San Diego Union-Tribune

March 31, 2020

Friends in detention fear pandemic; OMDR plans COVID-safe car rally to #FreeThemAll: San Diego Union-Tribune

March 30, 2020

[ACADEMIC REPORT] The Response of Civil Society on Both Sides of the U.S.-Mexican Border: UCSD

August 2019

Find a Way to be Ordinary: Everyday people open their homes and their hearts to help asylum seekers: San Diego CityBeat

July 30, 2019

[COLUMN] Abolish ICE! Fighting for Humanity over Profit in Immigration Policy: North American Congress on Latin America

june 6, 2019

Organizing for border justice in San Diego: Socialist Worker

January 17, 2019

[COLUMN] El Éxodo Centroamericano: Resistance Through Solidarity: North American Congress on Latin America

November 28, 2018

U.S. orgs leading caravan aid efforts in Tijuana despite hurdles: San Diego CityBeat

November 28, 2018

Solidarity with Migrant Caravan After Attacks: Socialist Worker

November 24, 2018

San Diego Group Collecting Items to Help Migrant Caravan: NBC 7 San Diego

November 17, 2018

Las Luchonas Seek Help for Detained Immigrant: La Prensa SD

October 2, 2018

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