We envision a world in which the humanity of all people to live freely is respected.

We do this by organizing and building self-determination for migrants and refugees, and other people who have been criminalized by the state.


We make this happen as an abolitionist, non-institutional, autonomous collective organizing in accompaniment with migrants,  refugees, and those who have been criminalized by the state. We envision a world in which freedom and justice exist for everyone.

We acknowledge and honor the lands in which we reside and call home as Kumeyaay Ancestral Territory. We are a non-hierarchical collective. We recognized that neoliberalism has allowed capitalism to displace and exploit communities all over the world,  sustaining a system that feeds on the abuse and exploitation of those from below. It has created a system of racial oppression that sustains the prison industrial complex for personal gain.


We co-create movement building with detainees inside OMDC and continue to work with them after they are released, on either side of the arbitrary border. We are in solidarity with migrants across oceans, territories, and continents who move out of need and survival so that one day there can be free movement of people with no nation-state borders. We organize for the end to the terrorizing by Border Patrol, “United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”)”, police in BIPOC communities, and an end to the military bases and ineffectual local and national governments which prop up inhumane systems of oppression.

As long as migrants and refugees are subject to this oppression, we will work to support them and honor them by:


  • Creating bridges between migrants and community resources.

  • Creating spaces of transition and support to honor and raise up the dignity, humanity, and agency of every migrant.

  • Shutting down the Otay Mesa Detention Center.


We want to create a world where there is no profit in human suffering. People need to be free.